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Burglar Beware

Summer is coming and many of us open our homes up during the warmer months to get adequate ventilation.  But this can also mean we are potentially opening our homes up to intruders.

Door and window security screens are a great way of keeping your home and family safe.  They can be made to measure and also come in an extensive range of colours to compliment any home.

Electronic Keypad Locks and Kepypad Dead Locks provide convenience for today’s active lifestyles. Keypad Entry Locks mean no keys to hide, lose, carry or forget.  With 19 different user code options you can use, keyless entry is a great option for busy people. Avoid those dreadful moments where you walk out the door and realise your keys are sitting on the bench!

Garador have available a range of keyless entry pads that can be added to any of their range of garage doors. This provides another convenient keyless access to your home which is handy for service people needing to gain acess.

All of the electrical componentry and equipment mentioned is available at your nearest J. A. Russell LtdStewarts Electrical Supplies or Radcliffe Electrical branch.

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Burglar Beware
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