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Cabling Today For The Technology Of Tomorrow

With today’s ever changing technology, it’s important to ensure your home is ready for whatever the future may bring. The key to ‘Future-Proofing’ your home is in the pre-wire. Having enough of the right cables running to key locations throughout the home will allow for a variety of systems.

These systems include home networking, security, TV signal distribution, home entertainment and even lighting control and automation systems. This means your home can adapt and change with your lifestyle.

If you’re unsure or just want to do a general pre-wire, your best option is to run extra data cables such as a Cat5e or (even better) Cat6 to all rooms; these can be used for computer networks, phones, audio and video distribution and some control systems.

Setting an example

A few years ago Future-Proof Building bought a 1930s villa in the central Auckland suburb of Ellerslie. Run down at the time of purchase and unchanged other than a 1970s extension to the lounge, the house was meticulously renovated. It was then opened to the public and many people visited to learn what Future-Proof Building was all about. This home was a superb example of what it is possible to achieve when renovating using FPB principles. The Ellerslie Renovation Home project was cabled to allow for any future scenario, with extra Cat6 data cables to each TV, phone or computer outlet. A cupboard space off the lounge was used as the central hub for a number of products and systems and was also the location of the main electrical switchboard, allowing for easy control and integration.

Security & automation

The Renovation Home contained state-of-the-art home automation with easy-to-use control of the home theatre equipment, whilst integrating with the alarm system, lighting system, electrical equipment and any network-based products.

The home also contained amplification to power speakers in four independent zones of audio throughout the home. Home automation systems like this can also be programmed to manage your thermostat, turning heating on or off to maintain a comfortable temperature without a huge power bill or to close the curtains as it gets dark in the winter, keeping warmth inside.

Entertain me

Networking is provided through the Hubbell Homeboard networking system, a convenient central hub for Sky or Freeview TV signal distribution, phone and data networking through the home. The Hubbell Homeboard is also ‘Fibre to the home’ (FTTH – the super-fast broadband the government has been talking about for the last two years) approved, which will allow enough bandwidth for streaming high-definition movies straight into your living room – and more!

Seek advice

The Ellerslie Renovation Home project is one example of what can be done, but it’s up to you to decide how high-tech or high-spec you and your family need to go.

The best wiring design for your home is one developed in conjunction with your electrician, who can coordinate all elements of your pre-wire and introduce you to a variety of products and ideas. Confirming what systems you want to allow for – now or in the future – will help your electrician ensure they include all the cables required to avoid future disappointment.

The Ellerslie Home has since been sold although other Future-Proof Building(FPB) Showhomes are available for viewing and and as time goes on each FPB Showhome built will display all current technology and wiring for the home.

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Cabling Today For The Technology Of Tomorrow
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