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Flooring For Healthy Families

Selecting flooring that is durable, attractive, easy to maintain and healthy can be overwhelming because of the numerous good choices now available in the New Zealand market.

Flooring covers a large surface area within your home, so choices can have consequences from both price and safety to indoor air quality. When choosing new flooring, consider where the new floor is to be installed and the wear it will be subject to.

On the tiles

There are many different types of tile flooring including natural stones such as marble, slate or terracotta. However glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles are the most popular choice in today’s market. These tiles are “sealed” with a fired glaze and are resistant to bacteria and moulds, making them easy to tolerate by those who are sensitive to chemicals or who may have allergies.

Tiles have even been said to reduce indoor pollution since they do not emit or absorb pollutants. Maintenance is also reduced as glazed products do not require cleaning with harsh chemicals. Warm water and pH-neutral cleaners are typically all that is required for everyday cleaning.

Choosing the right tile surface to reduce accidents in your home is equally important. Slip-and-fall accidents are all too common in the home. For interior or exterior flooring situations there are various ranges of slip-resistant tiles available. Effective slip treatment products can also help with existing tiled areas. Tile Warehouse can explain all the options available and help you select the perfect product for your next project.

Healthy wool

Due to our often chilly climate, carpets are a popular choice of flooring for kiwis. New Zealand is lucky in that we have an abundant supply of what is considered the purest, whitest and cleanest wool in the world.

Wool has been a popular fibre for carpet for centuries due to its proven performance capabilities and its natural properties. Comfortable to walk on, it cushions the feet and reduces fatigue. It is naturally resistant to spills and soilingWool is also naturally non-flammable – it is difficult to ignite due to a higher ignition temperature and has a low flame spread.

Wool insulates against heat and cold and even has the ability to regulate humidity. It absorbs contaminants in the air, improving the indoor air quality and helping you breathe easier. Wool is non-toxic, non-allergenic and will not support bacterial growth. It is also a natural, biodegradable product and a renewable resource.

Get a grip on the outdoors

A little rain or splash from the swimming pool and surrounds, decked areas and steps can become dangerous. Surfaces that were non-slip when dry suddenly become a slippery slide when water or wet feet are added to the equation.

Keen to keep customers safe in and around their homes all year round, Resene developed Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path. The finish has a comfortable grit texture to give feet and shoes something to grip onto. Designed for all interior and exterior situations, it reduces the risk of accident no matter what the weather.

Available in a desirable low sheen finish, Resene Non-Skid Deck and Path may be tinted to complement existing décor, both inside and out. Contrasting colours may be used to create decorative effects in courtyards and paved areas. Light colours are perfect for stair edges to highlight the edge and reduce the likelihood of accident.

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Flooring For Healthy Families
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