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Getting Hot In Here

What’s new in heating? We look at new heating products and heat exchange ventilation in this article.  Get the best out of your new insulation with these innovative ways to heat your home.

Gas fires are becoming a more energy efficient and environmentally responsible choice to heat your home.

Rinnai has an extensive range of gas fires to choose from, including free standing or built-in fires with a stylish range of frames to suit your homes interior. If your home doesn’t have an existing fireplace it can easily be built into a new or existing timber wall frame.

Rinnai’s Evolve 950® gas fire is great for families. It has been specifically designed for NZ homes with a streamlined appearance and it is their most flexible gas fireplace yet with interchangeable burn media options. The Evolve 950® features thermostat control, a set and forget dual timer, and a child lock to keep little hands away from the remote. The Evolve 950® easily heats large areas and has an energy rating of 5.7 stars, which is superb for a gas fire.

The Evolve 950® allows you to forget about flue and venting restrictionsas it can easily be installed in rooms where other gas fires just can’t go.

The Symmetry gas fire, also by Rinnai, can be installed with a built in heat transfer system using either a floor vent or ceiling outlet: just flick the switch to turn it on. This fire uses direct flue technology so the room air never mixes with the air for combustion, keeping your family healthy.

Whatever energy resources your home needs, Genesis Energy has it! Natural GasLPG and Electricity, they’ve got plenty of it and will keep it coming!

Do you run from one area in your home to another and experience excessive changes in temperature? The answer to this is a home ventilation system.

Ventilation systems that transfer heat will send heated or cooled air from your main room with a great heating/cooling source, to other areas of your home that require extra heating or cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric offer a range of heat pumps and air conditioners which are both energy efficient and quiet, and have features such as humidity regulation, air purification and a 7-day timer.

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Getting Hot In Here
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