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Good Bones

Beauty starts with great bone structure. As a homeowner, you might request no squeaky floors, a house that is safer in an earthquake or fire, sustainable building materials or those that are kinder on allergies. Your brief to your architect or builder may help them decide on what type of framing and structural system to use.

You may not even be aware that there are options, but you should be. Even though it isn’t the most glamorous part of building or renovating, the structure of your home is something you will want to get right from the start.

Engineered Woodproducts


Laserframe® from Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts combines strength and cost-effectiveness with total design flexibility. Pine framing has been used by generations of New Zealand builders and is preferred over other structural materials due to its high strength to weight ratio, flexibility and ease of use.

Wood is our most sustainable raw material. As a building material, its credentials in this area are unparalleled. Wood results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than most competing building products. Laserframe®renewable plantation pine framing is grown in sustainably managed plantations. It is also available Forestry Stewardship Council Chain of Custody (FSC CoC) certified on request.

Quality Assured
Every piece of Laserframe® structural timber has been quality assured, graded and tested according to New Zealand Standards. It is available in a range of treatment types (to resist the depredations of moisture), so you can have confidence that, when installed in accordance with standards, Laserframe® will continue to perform for years to come.

Floor Framing
Have you ever wandered across a floor and had the china cabinet rattling away in the corner? Or what about floors squeaking when you walk on them?

FLOORSUITE™, also from Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, is a performance floor system that reduces bounce and makes floors squeak less than traditionally constructed wood floors. It incorporates special laminated wood products such as hyJOIST® and hySPAN® that have higher stiffness. Because of this higher performance, floors can be constructed differently to reduce squeaks. Furthermore, independent costing has shown that the installed cost of these higher performance floors is about the same as that of a traditional wood floor.

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Good Bones
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