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Heating & Cooking

Why cook and entertain indoors where it’s hot and stuffy in summer when you can do it outdoors?

Complete your outdoor entertainment setting with an outdoor kitchen and dining area and get ready for the barbeque season.

Get your chef on

Even aside from its iconic status in kiwi cuisine and bloke culture, barbeque cooking has many advantages in summer. Think fewer dishes and more entertaining time. Plus barbeques act like a magnet for every man in the area, minimizing the amount of actual cooking you have to do!

Heat up those summer evenings

Don’t waste beautiful, crisp evenings by lingering indoors because of a chill in the air. Outdoor heating can be surprisingly effective, transforming your outdoor living area from a space you use for only a few short months to one you can use almost year-round.

One of life’s simple pleasures is gathering around the welcoming flicker of an outdoor fire.  The Rinnai Impression Outdoor Fire is made from beautiful, durable materials, and is made in New Zealand to withstand our unique conditions. Versatile enough in construction and design to fit into a range of environments, it can be used freestanding or built into a surround.

Set in stone

Add that something extra by using real stone to clad your fire. A natural stone surround for a fire creates a classic, timeless focal point in your outdoor living area.

Space heating

Outdoor living areas are traditionally hard to heat because ceilings may be very high or non-existent … and then there’s the lack of walls. Clever alfresco heating can ensure that no-one is left out in the cold.

The Rinnai Outdoor Super Ray has a sleek industrial look, equally suited to spaces outside your home or restaurants and bars. The reflectors channel heat directly toward the outdoor entertainment area, creating the perfect warmth for outdoor spaces.

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Heating & Cooking
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