In Case Of Fire
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In Case Of Fire

We all know the importance of installing fire alarms in our homes, but did you know that 80% of house fires attended by the Fire Service, either don’t have an alarm installed, or aren’t working.  Fires can start in every room of your home, and while smoke alarms warn us of a fire, the products in this article can help prevent the fire from completely destroying your home.

Walls protect the “bones” of your home, so use fire resistant products such as GIB Fyreline® which has a high density core that resists exposure to fire longer than standard plasterboard. GIB Fyreline® systems provide from 1/2 hour to 4 hours fire protection on standard 600mm timber or steel frames.

Pink Batts insulation keeps your family safer in the event of a fire as it is non combustible.

As for the outside, James Hardies Linea Weatherboard can provide up to 90 mins protection when installed to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Aquatherm fire sprinkler systems can save not just people’s lives, but commercial buildings, homes and help eliminate the serious damage that many fires can cause. Firestop Sprinkler Systems are installed in many commercial buildings, maraes, rest homes and into homes.

Due to its natural low flammability, wool is the fibre of choice for your carpets. It’s difficult to ignite wool, but once ignited, the flame spreads slowly and is easy to extinguish.

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In Case Of Fire
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