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Rainy day, or want to get out of the hot sun for a moment?

There are important maintenance jobs to do inside too.

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

When was the last time you checked, cleaned and cleared points of moisture extraction inside your home? Your kitchen, bathroom and dryer should all have extraction points that vent to the exterior of the home. Have you had your heat pump or central heating system checked in the last year? They require annual checks by qualified service people to ensure they can work efficiently and safely.

Cars need regular maintenance to keep them running; your heat pump is no different. During summer, clean the indoor unit filter monthly to keep your heat pump operating effectively and efficiently.

Windows and Doors

To keep your sliding windows & doors in good working order, vacuum out the bottom track to remove any debris. If you tend to get condensation on your windows over the winter months, mould may also have built up. Clean this away for the health of your family as well as for clearer windows.

Walls and Furnishings

When your home stays closed up for most of the day during the winter, condensation and mildew can develop in corners of rooms or behind furniture. This may stain paintwork, damage furnishings and even develop into mould and rot – which are bad for your health as well as your possessions. Check behind drapes, furniture and in areas of “dead air”.

Wash walls to clean away dust, mildew and mould. For help keeping mould away, see Top Tips on Walls that Work from Resene. If your home is often closed up, consider installing a ventilation system for fresh air and better health year-round.

With those simple things attended to, you can get back to enjoying the summer sun and good times, knowing your home now can too!

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