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Resene – Walls that work

Top tip:  Make the most of your walls with active paints that will help control mould, bacteria, flies, temperature and marks.

Nicely painted walls, look well, nice. Isn’t that all they do?

Not any more. These days your paint finishes can work to keep things cooler, deter mould, moss, bacteria and flies, provide you with a handy writing space or noticeboard, as well as enhance the look of your home.  We call it “active infrastructure”, where the paint keeps working long after you apply it.

So what are your options?

Keep your cool

With summer here, dark colours outside can be a heat trap on houses, soaking in the sun’s energy and burning to the touch.  New pigment technology known as Resene CoolColour reflects more of the sun’s energy than a standard colour so the paint reflects more of the sun’s heat than it would normally, reducing the stress on the paint, substrate and building and keeping them cooler.

Healthy defense

Moss and mould can leave unsightly stains on your paintwork.  Always make sure you kill moss and mould, with a cleaner such as Resene Moss & Mould Killer, before you paint, otherwise the moss and mould will grow through the new paint finish and ruin its appearance.  Then to help inhibit future moss and mould inside or out, you can opt for an additional boost in protection to be added to your paint with Resene MoulDefender.

Anti-bacterial paints are ideal for wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms to inhibit bacteria growth.  Products like the Resene Kitchen & Bathroom range include anti-bacterial silver and MoulDefender to give you extra protection.

Fly spots are a nuisance on ceilings as they leave behind undesirable marks that can be very difficult to clean successfully.  Resene Fly Deterrent is designed to deter flies from landing on the surface, reducing the appearance of fly spots.  The less time they spend on the surface the fewer and the smaller the marks they leave behind.

Wall to wall fun

And then there’s the fun stuff.  These days you can choose Resene Blackboard Paint that you can write on in chalk or Resene Magnetic Magic paint that you can use to create a magnetic wall area so you can hang photos, notices and more using rare earth magnets.

There’s even Resene Write-on Wall Paint, a clear whiteboard-style finish that you can apply over your existing paintwork to turn it into a coloured whiteboard.  You can then write all over the wall without damaging the paint.  No more looking for lost notes in the kitchen, painstakingly trying to remove kiddy drawings from the walls or having to put up with the eyesore of lots of small holes in your walls from drawing pins or the like.

So next time you eye up your walls as just a pretty paint colour, remember that they can do so much more.

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Resene – Walls that work
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