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Safety Starts At Home

It takes only a few minor changes at planning stage to ensure your home is safer.  Things we don’t often think about including light switches at each end of a walk through room, no sharp edges on bench tops, temperature limiting valves for your taps and for those who suffer from allergies, a good ventilation system and central vacuum system.

Your family’s safety is paramount, so when you are designing your home, or even renovating, look for products that have your family’s safety in mind. In this article we will show you a range of products that have added safety features.

When deciding on your flooring, there are a few “safe” options to consider.  Tile Warehouse has introduced Citylife Microban Antibacterial Tiles.  The antibacterial protection is directly incorporated into the tile during the production process.  When bacteria comes into contact with the treated surface the Microban technology reacts, blocking the metabolism of the bacteria, interrupting its life cycle so it is no longer able to multiply or survive.

The Microban protection guarantees a durable solution that provides continuous action against bacteria throughout the entire life cycle of the tile.  That means 24 hour protection keeping tiles more hygienic in between cleans.

Tile Warehouse ensures that all their “grip” tiles have passed the Safety Step Pendulum test.  The tiles are tested according to the New Zealand Safety Standard.  This standard recommends that slip resistance is measured in a value called a “Coefficient of Friction” or COF.  The higher the figure than the minimum permitted 0.40 the less slippery the tile.

Carpeted areas can also be made safer by using extra thick underlay to cushion falls.

Positioning light switches at each end of a walk through room eliminates the risk of trying to manoeuvre through a darkened room once the light is turned off.  Another alternative is sensor lighting, turning itself off after a period of time if the room isn’t being used.

Fitting out your kitchen with safety conscious products doesn’t have to be difficult.  Ensuring benchtops have a rounded edge and that no cabinets have any pointed/sharp edges is a good way of minimising potential accidents.  Also consider designing your house so people don’t have to walk through the kitchen to get to other parts of the house.

The appliances you cook with are another thing to look at.  Fisher & Paykel Induction cooktops are renowned for their safety because they only heat the pot/pan that is on the cooking surface, not the cooking surface itself.  The heat is instantaneous and can be adjusted in a precision like manner; the temperature can even be lowered down to being suitable to melt chocolate!  Not only is this a safe option, it is also very energy efficient as almost all of the energy is directly transferred to the cooking vessel.

Scalding is a common household accident.  Methven have designed a Temperature Limiting Valve which is adjustable from 30 – 65 degrees celcius and the failure of cold water supply causes the valve to close down.  It’s easy to install and gives you the control of your water temperature.

Utilising the area in your attic for storage is a great idea, but access via ladder isn’t always safe.  Hometech’s Attic stairs are a safe option, with a built in ladder there is no chance of the ladder tipping over.

While allergies don’t affect everyone, for those who suffer from them, it is extremely important to have a healthy home environment.  A Beam Central Vacuum System  is an excellent way to remove allergens.  The system is up to 5 times more powerful  than most regular vacuums and lifts virtually 100% of dirt, dust mites, pollen and other allergens from floors,curtains, furniture and other surfaces and carries them away from living areas to the central unit, usually located in the basement or garage, thus reducing air borne emissions.

home ventilation system is also a great addition in the fight against air borne pollutants. A good system will filter air before it enters your home, eliminating or greatly reducing dust, pollen and plant spores from outside the house – common triggers for hay-fever and asthma in some people.

Safety outside of your home is just as important.  Fencing around a pool is a council requirement; the fence must be 1.2m high.

Choosing grooved timber from Carters for your decking provides better grip during the colder, wetter months.

Install sensor lighting that illuminates access routes to the front and back doors of your home so that there isn’t a risk of tripping up or down stairs or even just tripping on items on the paths.

Future Proofing your home for yours and your family’s health and safety should be a priority.

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Safety Starts At Home
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