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Spacing Out

We all have stuff. Despite the current trend for sleek, streamlined spaces in our homes, most of us will continue to accumulate more stuff over time. Believe it or not, we can have our minimalist cake and eat it too.

Our kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are areas where there is a real safety advantage in having stuff tucked safely away and there are systems and appliances that will help us reduce the clutter and streamline these rooms.

Clear the way

The lovely-looking CookSurface from Fisher & Paykel is a gas hob that raises itself up to ignite. It then retracts into its glass surface when cool, making cleaning easier and allowing the space to be used for other things.

Herbs, spices and kitchen gadgets maybe necessary, but they tend to clutter up bench space, gather dust and get in the way. Mounted below wall-hung cabinets, is the ideal place to store these out of sight, but handy when needed.

Retire your kettle

Even the everyday kettle may have seen its day. Rather than having a separate appliance sitting on the benchtop and struggling to find a convenient power point, get your instant boiling water or chilled filtered water through a multi-purpose tap. Separate heating and chilling units are located out of the way beneath the bench so whenever you need boiling water for tea and coffee, or chilled water, it is literally at your fingertips.

Give ’em an inch…

90cm is a standard width for drawers and kitchen units in architecturally designed homes. More space makes life easier for busy cooks and entertainers. There a number of 90cm appliances available, including Fisher & Paykel’s internationally acclaimed CoolDrawer refrigerator and new OB90 oven.

Since it’s always nice when things go together, Fisher & Paykel have extended the range of their popular DishDrawer® with a new, wider 90cm offering. The extra space allows nine place settings and the 90cm drawer configuration is perfect for under-bench installation and ease of use. The design can easily accommodate larger pots, plates and extra large platters – items that you might otherwise wash by hand.

A place for everything

Even the smallest spaces, when well-planned, can give a feeling of spaciousness. When altering your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, keep storage in mind.

Head-height shelving, under-sink cabinets or units with built-in drawers and cupboards are invaluable for storing cleaning products and all the things we need but don’t use often.

A built-in ironing board (in the living room if you iron while watching tv) may also be handy, but don’t forget to add extra power points. Add attic stairs and convert your roof space to storage.

With a little lateral thinking you will soon find you have a place for everything … and everything in its place.


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Spacing Out
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