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Spring Cleaning

No matter what the season there is always a need for a bit of spring cleaning. Spring into action and make your home a cleaner, more energising space to live in. Cleaning makes your home more pleasant and healthier to live in. Similarly, clearing the clutter creates a mentally healthier environment.

If you’ve never done this before, give it a go. Get the whole family involved – many hands make light work! You will need 5 boxes or bags. Start in one room of the house and do not move on until that room is clutter-free.

Start by sorting

Moving as quickly as you can, go through the items in the room and decide where they belong. One of the boxes (or bags) is for rubbish. One is for recycling. Another is for give-aways or donations. The fourth is the TradeMe or garage sale pile, and the fifth is for the items you will be keeping. When deciding what to keep, a good rule of thumb is that if no-one in the house has used it for over 12 months, if you have double-ups of the item, it’s broken, you never liked it anyway or it makes you feel bad, give it away or sell it.

Before you move on, sort out the things you are keeping. Put away everything that belongs in this room in its proper home. Anything that does not belong in this room goes back in the box. Carry the box around your house putting away every item in its correct place until the box is empty. Repeat until the whole house is organised.

Maximise your storage

Keep in mind that not every single item in your house has to be easily accessible. If you have a roof space that’s not being used, consider installing attic stairs so you can access this wasted space and use it to store things like old files and seasonal sporting equipment. Deep shelves and corner areas in kitchens and laundries may seem like wasted space too. However, there are shelf organiser, slider, pull out and pull down shelving products (which can often be added to your existing cabinetry) available which will help you make use of every last bit of space.

Don’t forget the details

Over the summer months is an excellent time to pay some extra attention to things like your carpet, window treatments and appliances. Even if you vacuum your carpet more than once a week, giving it a more thorough clean at least once a year means it will last longer and be healthier for you and your family. You can get someone to come in and steam or dry clean your carpet – ask for a quote over the phone beforehand – or alternately some supermarkets and hardware stores have steam cleaning machines for hire. Blinds may need to be washed and curtains either dry cleaned or washed.

Fridge & freezer

Clean out your fridge and freezer and get rid of that half-eaten tub of ice cream that’s so old it’s crystallised. At the same time, dust the back and coils of your fridge and empty the drip tray. Wash out the detergent dispenser in your washing machine and clean out the fluff from dryer vents. Clean your oven and dishwasher inside and out. Bad smells from kitchen sinks can be tackled by pouring fresh lemon juice down the drain. For a garbage disposal unit use several ice cubes, a halved lemon and run it for several seconds.

After all that, kick back and have a glass of something cold and refreshing – you deserve it!


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Spring Cleaning
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