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Strengthening Your Future

When building new, we don’t often think too far ahead about potential future renovations. Here are some tips to ensure your home will be structurally capable of meeting those future needs for expansion, or even preparing your home for extra features that aren’t quite within your financial grasp right now…

When meeting with your designer or builder it’s important to mention any future alterations you may require.

By taking a staged construction approach to your project, your designer or builder can incorporate future extensions or add-ons into the plans. This way you know you will be within any council restrictions and more likely to obtain any permit or consents you need without hassle at the time.

Think about the roofing you intend to use: can it be easily extended, along with the necessary spouting? If you want to be able to add a storey in future years, talk to your architect or builder about allowing for this by providing extra strength in the footings and framing of your home. Ensure your drainage has an allowance for future connections.

If you’re planning future additions or upgrades as far as home entertainment, security, high speed internet or home automation goes, your home should be pre-wired during initial construction to allow for this.

Pre-wiring is much cheaper and easier than trying to upgrade wiring later on so your new technology or new building extensions work as well as planned. Talk to your electrician about pre-wiring with Cat6 to make your life easier further down the track and potentially improve your home’s resale value.

If you intend to build a deck will you need outdoor lighting, outdoor heating facilities such as an outdoor gas fire, or space heaters? The electrical wiring and gas lines for these will need to be taken into consideration.

Finally, will the products you are using in the house be available in the future? It may pay to purchase extra stock of the light switches, light fittings, flooringpaint or wallpaper you are using so that when you extend, you are able to do so in the same style.


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Strengthening Your Future
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