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Blotchy algae and lichen growth, dawn choruses from birds nesting in your gutters, overflowing spouting, rusted roofing or broken tiles: all result from too little attention paid to what goes on up top.

Your roof may be literally over your head, but its maintenance shouldn’t be! Here are some tips to get you started.

Cleaning Your Spouting

With summer upon us it’s the ideal time to clear your spouting of any leaves and debris. This will help prevent blockages and is essential for maintaining the life of your spouting system. Marley recommends cleaning out your gutter at least once a year.

Check your downpipes to ensure they are free-flowing and there is no water collection around foundations getting into the subfloor. To further prevent downpipe blockages, Marley recommends installing a Marley Leaf Beater or Leaf Eater to each downpipe. These are available through your local plumbing or building merchant.

For more information on a Marley Rain Water system please click here.

Easy roof maintenance
Keep your tile roof looking good and prevent algae, moss and lichen with a light detergent wash every 3-5 years. If you find any problems, get a free, no obligation inspection from Gerard Roofs on 0800 244 737.

Make sure anybody who needs to climb onto your roof wears soft–soled shoes and stands in the troughs rather than on the crests of the roof profile.

For longrun roofs, normal rain will wash away most contaminants. However, if there are any areas of your roof rain does not get to, for instance under overhangs, around aerials, flues or the underside of gutters, these need to be manually washed every three to twelve months. To ensure your warranty remains valid, check the products maintenance requirements.

Get up on your roof and give it some TLC on the next sunny day! Afraid of heights? Find a professional to take care of it for you.

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