What you need to know before buying an apartment
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What you need to know before buying an apartment

If you are looking to buy a new property, educate yourself on ways to make your home – small or large – the best it can be to live in now and in the future.

IMG_1054 copy (3)An apartment may not offer the same expanse as a three-bedroom standalone home, but you don’t have to sacrifice smart living when you sacrifice space.

Building consents for medium-density housing or apartments continue to grow. This comes with a warning to potential buyers – do your research. Is it energy-efficient? Is the data cabling technologically ready for the future? Are the products and appliances installed going to be cost-effective in the long term?

Not all apartments in a high-density block will be able to make the best use of the sun, so you need to ensure the apartment has good ventilation and insulation to keep it healthy. Often built in busy areas, apartments should have double-glazed windows and sound-reducing insulation.

Smart spatial design solutions will ensure maximum use of limited space – TV programmes such as Amazing Spaces attest to that. Look for handle-less cabinetry, and organisers and built-in shelving in wardrobes and cupboards.

Quality design needs to be backed up with a quality build using quality products, to avoid unnecessary building and repair work when space and access is limited.

For more tips of making the most of limited space, go to http://www.fpb.co.nz/article/spacing-out/


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What you need to know before buying an apartment
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