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Benefits of Maintenance

Benefits of Maintenance

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance covers a wide variety of tasks, from the simple cleaning of windows and pruning plants; regular checks on the condition of your house to identify potential problems; minor repair jobs such as easing a door or fixing a leaking tap washer through to larger jobs like water blasting or burning off paint and repainting. Many maintenance tasks, such as regular cleaning, do not require specialist skills or equipment and can be carried out quickly and easily by almost all occupants. Other tasks such as painting or minor repairs require both a commitment of time and some aptitude for the work.

Benefits of Maintenance

Regular attention to the maintenance requirements of your home provides a number of tangible benefits, such as:

  • Maintaining the value of your property
  • Enhancing the serviceable life of building materials
  • Improving the appearance of the property
  • Identifying and fixing minor problems before they become major (and more expensive) problems
  • Maintaining weather tightness

The consequences of not attending to maintenance needs are:

  • Premature or accelerated failure of building materials
  • Loss of function – the building does not perform the tasks required of it effectively, such as keeping out moisture
  • Loss of asset value
  • Wasting money – a dripping hot water tap will increase water heating costs
  • Increased costs of repairs the longer the item is left unfixed
  • Damage to fittings, materials, furnishings

Maintenance Risk Management

When do you need a building consent?

Normal maintenance does not require a building consent from the local council. However, you have a responsibility to ensure that all maintenance work is carried out in accordance with New Zealand Building Code and that the house continues to satisfy the performance requirements of the code.

A consent is required for work such as:

  • Repiling (Replacing rotted and defective piles which cause structural damage to your home)
  • Alterations and/or additions
  • Changes of use (Converting a garage to a bedroom)

Energy Efficiency

Right House Energy Assessment is an essential energy ‘check up’ for your home. It helps to pinpoint exactly where your home is losing heat or wasting energy, and can recommend the right solutions. Right House makes sure the money you invest in energy efficiency measures is spent on the right things.

The process involves a Right House assessor visiting your home to review its energy performance, using the latest information and technology to identify concerns such as:

  • Inadequate, moisture-damaged or badly installed insulation
  • Windows that could benefit from double glazing
  • Draughts and gaps where heat loss is occurring
  • Inefficient water heating systems that cost too much to run
  • Incorrect water temperatures and flow
  • Inefficient lighting
  • Heating systems that aren’t the most effective type for your home

Depending on the particular Energy Assessment being performed, Right House will provide a report outlining ways to improve the home’s energy performance, in order of priority. Each recommendation is costed and a cost benefit analysis undertaken to enable you to make an informed decision.

Right House can also perform a HERS assessment, the Government-approved measure of a home’s energy efficiency performance. You can also take a Right House assessment online or download their Easy Energy Saving Tips and see what simple changes you can make to the way you use energy in your home. To visit the Right House website now, click here.

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