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Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating Your Kitchen

“Convenience” and “Efficiency” are the top buzz words in contemporary kitchen design. Plan your kitchen design around the new cordless appliances to replace most small kitchen appliances. This makes it possible to have your preparation center at any place in the kitchen, unlimited by the location of electrical outlets.

If you are a keen entertainer, this may mean that you’ll need a larger than standard space for a new refrigerator or stove. A professional, six burner gas cooktop, for example, requires four feet of Bench space rather than the standard three feet.

Today’s kitchens are often the centre of family activity, so they are larger and multi-functional. Integration of study or gathering spaces into the design is becoming a priority.

What cook doesn’t dream of their ideal kitchen where the right pan is always at arms reach, where spices send up fresh aromas from crystal containers, where there’s plenty of room for all to congregate in an air that remains pleasantly cozy. If this is your dream, or something like it, you may be inspired to improve your current kitchen one step at a time. Consider the following enhancements to improve your kitchen space.

How’s your back?

Are you tired of bending low to that jam-packed cabinet where every pot and pan is placed just so—but you need the one on the bottom in the back? Modern kitchen cabinets, shelving and drawer systems allow easy, stoop-free access to even the farthest corners of your cupboards.

Enough bench space?

Once you arrange the toaster, coffee maker, toaster oven, canister set, utensil holder, bread box, answering machine and cookie jar—there just isn’t enough room to chop vegetables for homemade soup or roll out pizza dough. Often, you find cooking clutter finding its way to the kitchen table leaving precious space to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the paper. Good shelving and cabinet design ensures that you can make the most of every square metre of valuable kitchen space. It can provide functional space for the many kitchen appliances we use every day, keeping your work surfaces clear. A kitchen island provides extra storage and doubles as a breakfast bar and kitchen table.

Consider installing a pantry

A walk-in pantry is ideal (the bigger the better). How about replacing your hot water cylinder with an external gas water heater and converting the space to spacious pantry? Even a closet will provide the kind of space you need to store food stuffs and other items. Traditional pantries allow you to keep your kitchen clutter-free. The heavy mixer you only lug out for holiday baking can easily be stored out of your way in a pantry. Grocery shopping will be a breeze as you inventory your organized pantry shelves.

Time for new lighting

Next, if you’ve been squinting at your recipe file under that single light fixture from 1979—it may be time to give new lighting features their day in the sun. This is great enhancement that pairs function with style. From the LEDs installed under the cabinets, to task lighting on the island you can employ attractive lighting features everywhere you need them. Modern LED fixture provide terrific lighting with low power consumption and very no heat.

Cabinets can make a huge difference

Fresh cabinet design can drastically improve the look and function of the kitchen. You can replace existing cabinets with ones that suit your needs; you can install cabinets where there were none before. Versatile new cabinetry complete with organisers, slides, and soft catches have revolutionised accessibility and utility for cupboards and drawers.

Function before beauty when it comes to the floor

Once you’ve done all this work, it’s time to look down. Not at your feet—at the floor. Yes—where milk spills and crumbs scatter. Choose flooring that you can maintain—all else is secondary in the kitchen. Remember, function is more important than beauty when it comes to the kitchen floor.

Finishing touch

Finally, once you’ve got new appliances, a new floor and all the other great features, you can simply ice the cake with a stylish look that ties it all together. This decorative renovation might involve new shades for the kitchen, a different color paint for the walls, a set of vintage posters of Paris cafes to highlight the eating area. Often a theme can be a great way to give the kitchen new character. From 1950s chrome to contemporary stainless steel—you can find everything from potholders to napkin rings to help emphasize your kitchen’s hip new look.

These, of course, are only a few upgrades. You can always count higher; throw out the kitchen sink (add a new one), install a plant window…Like everything, cost will impact what upgrades you can manage in one year. But at the heart of all this work, consider your enjoyment of a room you practically live in and all the added investment these great new features add to your home.

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