A kiwi camping summer made easy with Mightylite solar from Simx

A kiwi camping summer made easy with Mightylite solar from Simx
December 12, 2016

Summertime in New Zealand evokes many things – swimming at the beach, pohutukawas in flower, pavlova, and of course camping – the traditional kiwi holiday.

For your next camping holiday make sure you’re sorted with Mightylite Solar, which practically guarantees light all night, regardless of sunshine hours.

“With the Mightylite, you get a floodlight, with brackets and a solar panel, and a remote control,” explains John Braggins, Market Manager for Simx.  “The Li-Ion battery is in the floodlight which is iPhone size. This determines how much the battery is charged, before it operates, so it will only provide an amount of light output depending on how much charge the battery has – the idea is to maximise how long you can have light for.”

“Mightylite is a very simple kit to assemble and operate,” he adds. “A normal solar floodlight comes with a long list of components that require assembly, and with an operating system that will only charge the battery during the day, and switch on at night – for as long as the battery will last … and that’s all its does!”

Mightylite has a unique solar power management system: The digital control of the battery determines how much the battery is charged, and uses that power accordingly. This is indicated with a series of LED indicator lights on the battery. So if the day was not so sunny, and the battery has only charged to 60% or even 35% capacity, the time-on durations, and light levels when activated, will automatically be at reduced levels. This is to minimise battery drain, and therefore maximise duration of operation at night.

The floodlight comes with a PIR sensor, which will reduce wasted usage further … and the remote control can configure up to 15 different settings depending on how you want to use the floodlight.


Mightylite Solar offers:

  • standard PIR sensor use, or
  • turn the PIR off and dim it, or
  • have continuous light for 15 hours, or
  • a 4 hour worklight, or
  • a courtesy light.

Whatever your requirements, this light will deliver. Two wattage choices provide up to 2300 lumens.

“The suitability and flexibility of Mightylite Solar for camping is very obvious,” adds John. “It is fast-to-install and easy-to-operate off grid lighting,” adds John. “You won’t have to worry about looking for batteries in the middle of the night ever again.”

For more information Mightylite Solar from Simx click here or contact us at sales@simx.co.nz or ph 09 259 1660.

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