Achieving a comfortable, healthy home can start during the building process

Achieving a comfortable, healthy home can start during the building process
September 9, 2014

Everyone would like to live in a house which provides a fundamentally healthy environment that is warm, comfortable and doesn’t cost too much to run. New Zealand houses have typically been draughty, badly ventilated and under-insulated. This makes them difficult and expensive to heat.

Ecoply pic 1Fortunately, there are many things you can do to protect and make your home warmer and more comfortable to live in, and it’s a great opportunity to do it while you are building a new home.

Introducing the Ecoply Barrier rigid air barrier system by CHH Woodproducts, engineered to provide a continuous enclosure around the building envelope to be impermeable to airflow and resistant to the vacuum of air pressure differentials.

The Ecoply Barrier system is for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap. This system can provide structural bracing and forms a strong secondary line of defense against moisture penetration into the building envelope.

Ecoply pic 2Airtight buildings are becoming common practice globally due to the many benefits in energy efficiency and air-flow control you can achieve within the home.

The Ecoply Barrier rigid air barrier system forms a tight seal to minimize air leakage, preventing unwanted air movement into and out of the house through the wall cavity, thereby keeping your home drier and safer.

Wherever air moves, water vapour can follow, moisture control is critical in buildings. Ecoply Barrier plywood is a smart vapour retarder and engineered for optimal breathability for fast vapour movement and drying of the wall, reducing condensation build-up in the wall cavity.

Make you home more energy efficient and minimize the air leakage and control moisture using Ecoply Barrier.

Key Benefits:

  • Rigid Air Barrier
  • Easy Application
  • Added Structural Durability
  • Moisture Protection
  • Minimizes Air leakage
  • Engineered for Breathability


IMPORTANT: You must refer to the current technical literature available within the latest copy of the Ecoply Barrier Specification and Installation guide available from The technical literature contains important information, limitations and cautions regarding the use of this product. CHH assumes no legal liability to you in respect of this information document.

For further information contact customer services or visit our website or phone 0800 326 759

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