Affordable Smart Home is Here

Affordable Smart Home is Here
March 3, 2016

Having smart control of your home or office does not have to be expensive or complex when econnecx is installed, by having more control in your home with econnecx you will have lower power bills  (10 – 20%),  no need for multiple timers and sensors and therefore no wall and ceiling clutter, remote control of garage doors and alarms meaning you could let in a tradesmen from anywhere without giving away keys and codes, you get increased security and ambiance with scheduling of night and outdoor lighting, Cameras can be integrated and you can also maximize the solar power you generate.

Econnecx is different to other systems available in NZ as it is cloud based meaning it evolves with time, simple so clients can manage themselves without requiring technicians to make changes, initial installation can be by any electrician or we can recommend an installer, you do not require touch screens or wall controllers as econnecx can be operated from any smart device, econnecx is also hardwired and configured so you can turn off and house or  office and it will operate without econnecx connected, econnecx is New Zealand Made and Supported.

Typical installations range from $2,400 – $3,500 + GST fully installed, contact us for information or help with specifying your smart home.



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