An Electrical Network You Can Trust: NZ Trade Group

An Electrical Network You Can Trust: NZ Trade Group
March 26, 2014

What makes NZ Trade Group electricians different?

Our systems, software and measured standards.

NZ Trade Group has an extensive, well distributed list of handpicked members nationwide.

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System Fox: Why it makes us superior .

Do you want transparent quoting for your electrical work?  Our innovative patented software is a market leader, developed by NZ tradespeople. Here’s why our trade specific software makes sense:System Fox Presentation Plan-1 boarder

  • System Fox has been designed by expert, experienced NZ electricians.
  • When quoting, prices are broken down into ‘kitsets’ which calculate all the electrical components required for each area of the job – including labour, site visits, cable and all materials.
  • You are guaranteed a fair, transparent and professionally presented quotation which has been carefully calculated, checked and confirmed, not just a price arrived at by some random guesswork.ipad image
  • Quoted pricing can be broken down into stages of work, or other speciality areas can be priced separately to suit the project.
  • Variations can be easily factored in.

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