BMX World Champion Sarah Walker Installs Pink Batts

BMX World Champion Sarah Walker Installs Pink Batts
July 23, 2013

BMX World Champion and London 2012 Silver Medallist Sarah Walker made another good call when she recently had her new home installed with Pink® Batts® insulation.

As an Olympian Sarah has to be fully focused on performance, so when it came to insulation, she decided that only the best would do.

“I know how important good insulation is,” says Walker. “I know it saves money in the long term and creates a healthier home but most of all I travel a lot, so I just wanted the house to always be comfortable. I wanted to get home and have it ‘feel like home’.”

So, the decision was made to increase the insulation to the maximum R-values Pink® Batts® insulation had to offer – Pink® Batts® Ultra® R5.0 for the roof and Pink® Batts® Ultra® R2.8 for the walls.

“Every new home is built with a budget, but we figured we could compromise with things that were easier to change later, rather than things that aren’t. Once your insulation is in, especially in the walls, it is pretty hard to change it.”

And now that the house is finished, there are no regrets.

“In the summer, when the house was just closed in, you could come on site in the middle of the day and notice that the house was noticeably cooler that outside. We’re moving in just as winter starts and I’m sure that we will hardly have to use a heater at all”.

“It is one of the best decisions we made in the building process. I really think that the higher the R-value the more like a home your house feels.”

Here are some of Sarah’s tips for keeping your home warm this winter:

  • Make sure you pull the curtains and blinds at night to keep warm air in and cool air out, plus you will save on the heating bills
  • Much of your home’s heat disappears out the windows – we chose double glazing for particularly cold rooms on the south side of our home to help keep heat in and noise out
  • Old homes can be draughty, so make sure you close and latch windows at night and plug up draughts around doors and window frames
  • Insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer – a fully insulated house needs up to a third less energy to heat than an un-insulated one, so it definitely saves on heating bills in the long run
  • Don’t forget to insulate inside the internal walls, it acts as a great sound proofer and keeps the individual rooms warm and cosy too!

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