Celebrating over 35 years in the building industry

Celebrating over 35 years in the building industry
October 26, 2017

Athena Bathrooms Create Vanity Range

Our vanity cabinets are made in NZ

Yes, that’s right!  All of our cabinets are manufactured right here in New Zealand, with wood sourced from FSC Certified New Zealand Forest plantations, and the local board manufacturing factories are Environmental Choice Certified.

New Zealand manufacturers lead the world in developing Low Emission products, and all our cabinetry uses locally produced board which conforms to the worldwide Low Emission Standard of E1 or better.

Some cabinets produced overseas have a higher and potentially harmful level of formaldehyde that can leach out of the products after being installed. These cabinets may be in circulation in New Zealand, but you can be sure with our cabinets that you don’t need to worry about this.

Help your customers make an informed choice by giving them all the facts about our cabinets.

Durachique Textured Laminates

Our Durachique laminates utilise technology that creates a unique deep textured wood like finish. The depth and density of the laminates in Durachique is created with PUR heat and moisture resistant bonding technology to create a long lasting, resilient, textured finish.

Go on…. have a feel of the life-like textured Durachique samples in your Athena Sample tray.

Unique PUR Bonding Technology

PUR bonding is acknowledged worldwide, as delivering the most heat resistant, moisture resistant, and near-seamless bond possible.

Technically it chemically sets against the moisture carried in air and therefore it literally resists moisture.

Our Durachique & Exochique finishes use PUR technology to bond the laminate to the board, and to bond the edge tape. Our Standard finishes (except White Gloss) use NZ supplied moisture resistant board combined with PUR edge bonding technology. Our White Gloss Standard finish uses a gloss vinyl (PVC) foil which is vacuum formed and bonded over the board, to create a seamless chip resistant surface.

We offer a 5 year Warranty

We offer a 5 year warranty on our vanities.  This includes the tops, handles and hardware, and we carry stock of certain spare parts for easy replacements. Contact our After Sales Team regarding warranties on aftersales@athena.co.nz

Remember back in 1982?

This is the year Athena Bathrooms began operating. YES, that’s a whopping 35 years we’ve been in business!

We are very proud of the products and the services we’ve been providing the building industry over three decades, and we strive to bring on fresh new idea’s with each new launch.

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