Creating a healthy environment for your family

Creating a healthy environment for your family
May 5, 2016

This is a major issue to consider when renovating or planning your new home. Most people know outdoor air pollution can damage their health, but don’t know indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists.

The common portable vacuum cleaner is one of the main polluters of the air inside a home!

These noisy systems take the contaminants from the floor, and while they capture the larger particles in their system, they pass the smallest particles through the system and reintroduce it back into the air, all the way around the home!, usually at breathing height, That’s the “smell” you get when you vacuum.

A Beam by Electrolux Central Vacuum system has been tested and proven to remove dirt away from the living areas (usually to a sealed container in the garage) and greatly improves the indoor air quality for a cleaner, quieter, healthier home environment.

With new and better construction methods, new wall, ceiling and underfloor insulation and aluminium double glazing, houses are now becoming almost “airtight” and draft free. The fitting of DV systems, dehumidifiers, automatic insect sprayers, central heating and heat pumps to new houses means the air “quality” inside the home is vulnerable to a multitude of inside pollution influences like dirt and dust mites, insect leavings, cooking fumes, aerosol sprays (a huge variety) cleaning compounds (another huge variety) pet hair and dander and of course the humble vacuum cleaner.

Older homes have all the same problems as mentioned above, but they also have dampness, mould and in-ground dust and dirt coming from floors, walls and ceilings to contend with.

Allergies and asthma are increasing at epidemic proportions – effecting 1in 4 children and 1 in 7 adults which equates to 20% of the population of NZ who suffer from breathing difficulties from asthma or allergies. (NZ Asthma Foundation) Beam Central Vacuum Systems are the only system clinically proven by independent tests to significantly relieve Allergy and Asthma symptoms, and are the only CV system to be approved for the “Sensitive Choice” butterfly by the Asthma Foundation.

So how can a Beam Central Vacuum system improve air quality?

Independent tests have recommended a Beam Central Vacuum System to be fitted to all new homes as it is the only system that has been tested and proven to remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust, mites and allergens from the floor, as well as contaminates from the air. Because of this, other appliances like DV’s and heat pumps that have filters for their airflow, operate more efficiently when a Beam is also installed.

The new award winning Beam Alliance series has a 10 year warranty, are now more powerful, quieter, yet use 30% less in power usage. One of the many benefits to a Beam Central Vacuum Systems is the patented Gore-Tex™ self-cleaning HEPA standard filter which removes 98% of contaminates @ .3 microns (human hair is 27 microns) for a cleaner healthier home environment.

Please check out their website at

You can contact Beam on 0800 10 25 26



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