Curb appeal and your garage door

Curb appeal and your garage door
February 10, 2016

Image: Garador Aspen  flat finish steel sectional doors matched to window joinery and trim.

One often overlooked aspect when talking ‘curb appeal’ of your home is the garage door. The fact is, a garage door often takes up to 30% of the front of the house and is the largest moving object in most.

Garador offers some insight into the aspects of a garage door that should be considered in relation to the look and feel of any home.

Style of door

While there are several types of garage door we’ll focus on the most popular – the Sectional Door. Made of 4 or 5 hinged sections that glide up and back along your ceiling, sectional doors come in a number of styles or profiles. It is this profile that tends to be matched to the style of the house. Modern homes are often matched with a minimalist flat door profile, whereas more colonial type homes often suit garage doors with square or rectangle pressings across the width of the door. There are also various horizontal rib configurations that work well with brick and weatherboards.


Image: Garador Grange steel pressed panel sectional door contrasting with the adjacent horizontal weatherboards.

Type of finish

The style of door you choose may limit your finish options so it’s good to be aware of finish options early on. Timber garage doors are still available and are hard to beat for that premium look and feel, but the maintenance requirements to keep them looking their best is seeing a shift to steel with paint finishes that resemble the timber look. Over time the paint process has made good progress towards becoming a viable and realistic alternative to the premium wood finish.

Another finish option that is becoming a popular choice is the smooth finish to create a crisp clean looking door. Prior to this, most doors were produced with an embossed wood-grain for several reasons. Firstly, it gave the look and feel of a painted wooden door, and secondly, it helped mask any slight imperfections as a result of the manufacturing process. The embossing does a good job at hiding any imperfections in the flatness of the steel as well as any small bumps and scrapes the door may get over its lifespan – so if choosing a smooth finish door, be mindful that you will lose some of this ‘protection’.


Image: Garador Newport horizontal ribbed steel sectional door matched to front door and trim.

And finally the colour

One of the toughest choices that faces homeowners. Generally, the Garage Door colour will match the roof and/or trim colour of the rest of the house to blend in seamlessly with the overall look and feel. Or it can take a more prominent role in partnership with the front door and stand out in contrast. This can be a tough choice but one that can pay off and result in a huge amount of ‘curb appeal’. A standard range of popular roof colours are usually stocked as pre-painted steel coils ready to make your garage door, but the more daring colour schemes will have to be created by powder coating the door once made meaning additional lead-times and costs.


Image: Garador Aspen flat panel steel sectional door matched with trim.

All said and done, a poorly manufactured garage door can have a hugely detrimental effect on the curb appeal of your home. Quality manufacturers of garage doors are constantly monitoring and testing their production methods to ensure the resulting product is at its best because with garage doors, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

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