Dashing design tips from Resene for a colourful yard

Dashing design tips from Resene for a colourful yard
December 4, 2015

No matter what the time of year, it’s always charming to have a front yard that’s got pops of colour. When the warmer months swing around, a garden that’s bursting with bright flowers and gorgeous decorative pieces can really give your home a facelift.

While it’s easy to rely on lush, green grass as the key provider of garden colour, try thinking out of the box and playing with some more daring shades. However, the key is to embrace colour in a measured way. You don’t want your garden to look like it’s had a run in with an enthusiastic toddler who’s just discovered the joy of paint!


Start with the flowers

It might seem obvious, but don’t underestimate the effect carefully selected flowers can have on your garden.

Not only will this area be brightened up, but it also sets the stage for your property. After all, it’s your front yard that will influence visitors’ first impressions, so you may as well make it count.

If you’ve got limited space, a single flower bed lined with coloured bricks or stones is an excellent way to showcase your gardening skills.

Alternatively, a lengthy row of flowers that weaves from one side of your garden to the other can really turn heads.

Opt for as many perennials as possible to ensure your garden isn’t drab during the winter months. Don’t hesitate to create multiple zones of brightly coloured flowers to hammer home the effect.

Make sure there are shades that are also more gentle, such as lilac, coral and mint green so that the overall effect isn’t too overwhelming.

Paint your fence

Painting the fence is a fun activity for adults and kids alike, but you don’t necessarily have to go for stereotypical white.

In fact, painting your fence a bold shade could be a smart way to inject more colour into your property, without having to take to your home itself.

Shades of green such as Resene Kaitoke Green packs a punch, without being too extreme. Use them to paint your fence, or perhaps a single front gate. They match shades like white, cream and tan well, so no matter the colour of your home, there’s a good chance you’ll get an excellent colour match!

Alternatively, liven things up with a fiery shade like Resene Smashing or Resene Dynamite.

You could even pick a complementary shade for your letterbox to truly maximise the impact.


Add colourful furniture

Sure, you might have an al fresco area at your property’s rear. But don’t forget about the joy of sitting in your front yard, soaking up some summer sunshine!

A few outdoor recliners or waterproof wicker chairs make a great addition to your front yard. If you’ve got enough room to add a few select pieces of furniture to your garden, think carefully about the kind of colours you want to embrace.

While wicker and wooden furniture often embraces hues like Resene Lemon Grass, Resene Triple Blanc and Resene Sandstone, but why not break the mould and opt for chairs and outdoor loungers in more vibrant shades? There are numerous paint colours that lend themselves well to furniture – try Resene Optimist (blue), Resene Daredevil (orange), Resene Smitten (pink) or Resene Wild Thing (yellow), or paint each chair a different colour and give each its own personality. Make sure the colours you pick complement your home’s existing shade.

Colourful furniture is a good pick if you’ve got limited gardening skills and dread the thought of tending to numerous flowers! Simply add bright outdoor chairs and keep the plant side of things simple, with low-maintenance native grasses and stone gardens.


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