Daylighting Can Make Your Children Smarter

Daylighting Can Make Your Children Smarter
August 21, 2013

“Daylight is essential to a sense of well-being, and a lack of variation in lighting can result in sensory deprivation: boredom, fatigue, lack of concentration and even reduction of intellectual capacity.”

There are two main reasons for using some form of daylighting solution in our homes; the psychological benefits and the energy saving benefits.

Good daylighting has been shown to improve the overall attitude, satisfaction and well being of building occupants in a wide variety of occupations or situations. From improved retail sales in big-box stores such as The Warehouse, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism amongst workers in office buildings, improved student performance in schools and faster recovery times for hospital patients.

There have been numerous studies worldwide on the benefits of daylighting on academic performance. A quick snapshot highlighting the positives of installing quality daylighting solutions in schools can be seen below:

Education & Student Performance

Lack of natural light:

  • can have a “jet lag” effect on students
  • depresses their circadian rhythms

Natural light:

  • increases student performance
  • calms hyperactive children with learning disabilities
  • helps students overcome learning and reading problems

Energy Savings

In commercial settings daylighting can:

  • cut lighting energy use by up to 75% or 80%
  • save 25 cents per square foot of daylit floor area per year
  • save the average primary school $400,000 over the next 10 years

Alternatively, you can read a full transcript of the benefits of daylighting in education here or on the cost and energy-saving benefits here

Daylighting in New Zealand Schools

New Zealand’s own Tuakau College in the southern Auckland regions is one of those educational facilities that decided to make the move towards installing daylighting for the benefit of their students. They turned to Eden Architects of Auckland, specialists in the field of education design. They were awarded the contract to re-design the roof and roofing structure of Tuakau College, where historic problems of leakage had to be addressed whilst at the same time implementing changes to bring the areas up to modern learning environment standards. Of the core design elements targeted within the upgrade program, integration of daylighting to the library, resource room and various classrooms spaces was high on the list of priorities. Eden Architects themselves turned to HomeTech Solatube to provide the expertise and daylight design layouts, using the Solatube 750DS-CC daylighting system. This particular model was chosen for its attributes of delivering well balanced 100% spectrum daylighting, accompanied by the BRANZ Appraised flashing and installation system.

In addition Solar Star photovoltaic powered extract fans were engaged to the rear of classrooms to provide ventilation air flow across the rooms, with operation governed by the weather conditions of the day. The hotter the day and more exposure to daylight there is, the higher the airflow with no running costs associated with the system once installed.

Both systems employed within the project are passive in design, with no cost or ongoing maintenance for operation.

If you wanted to find out more about daylighting in your schools or if you were interested in having some of the energy saving benefits of daylighting in your own home, you can contact HomeTech Solatube here.




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