Don’t forget the picture frame!

Don’t forget the picture frame!
March 3, 2016

When renovating a house for resale, much time and angst is spent rejuvenating the cladding, choosing modern colour schemes, revitalising the kitchen and creating the all-important indoor-outdoor flow. But how often do the spouting and downpipe systems form a part of the conversation?

Admittedly a less glamorous part of the house, your spouting and downpipes play a critical role in the weather-tightness of your house but also contribute to the final aesthetic presentation.

Consider them the picture frame to your renovation masterpiece and for a relatively low investment they can provide the finishing touch to that all-important street appeal.

Broken, rusting, algae-covered and leaking spouting and downpipe systems hosting plant-life of Amazonian proportions are a common sight and can be a serious detractor to the initial first impressions of would-be buyers.


Image: Old leaking, moss-covered spouting affects performance and overall house resale value

Replacing and upgrading your spouting and downpipe systems doesn’t have to be a difficult process but there are several key things to consider…


The first consideration when replacing spouting and downpipes is your climate, particularly in terms of the amount of rainfall and sunshine. For example, areas of New Zealand that experience heavy rainfall may require larger spouting and downpipe profiles which help to ensure the water run-off from your roof is safely collected and disposed of as quickly as possible. During the next rainy day check to see if your current system is collecting and channelling the water without overflowing over the front or back face of the spouting – ignoring any un-related leaks that may exist of course!

New Zealand is also well-known for its harsh UV rays delivered over long summer days and just like they can weather your skin, they also weather your spouting and downpipe systems. Make sure that the system you select has been designed to provide high UV resistance.

Marley has a range of spouting and downpipe profiles specially designed for New Zealand’s harsh conditions and to suit most house sizes.


Closely related to climate is the environment in which you live. Coastal or geothermal areas can affect the long term durability of some spouting and downpipe systems and this may even be the reason for you wanting to replace your spouting and downpipes in the first place. For example, whilst much of Auckland is seemingly inland, the entire region is classified as either a medium or high risk zone in terms of exposure to wind-driven sea salt. Sea-salt can cause some metals to corrode so it is important to make sure that the material/system you choose is going to be durable in your environment for years to come.

All Marley uPVC spouting and downpipe systems carry a 15 year guarantee anywhere in New Zealand and will never corrode.


Image: Omaha house featuring spouting and downpipe systems in Ironsand from the Marley Stratus Design Series®


Once you have decided on the appropriate size and material you need to think about how you want your spouting and downpipe to look. There are a variety of shapes and colours available on the market – do you want a traditional or contemporary appearance? Are you going to match or contrast with the colour of the roofing, fascia, cladding or window trims? Spouting profiles with a high front face can mask un-tidy roof edges whilst the choice of internal or external brackets allow for modern sleek lines or a more classic colonial feel.

Marley has recently launched the Marley Stratus Design Series® which features both spouting and downpipe systems in several standard and metallic colours. In conjunction with their standard white uPVC systems, this provides an extensive range of aesthetic options and presents prospective buyers with a more modern, premium finish.

Once complete your new spouting and downpipe system will add to the street appeal of your home, will function much more effectively and provide a fitting picture frame to your renovation masterpiece.


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