‘Easy as’ landscaping tips from Firth

‘Easy as’ landscaping tips from Firth
March 4, 2016

When it comes to landscaping, pretty much anything goes, with a vast range of products in various colours and finishes available. So where do you begin? Here are some tips from Firth to help you decide.

Landscape to entertain

Firstly, what time of day do you plan to use your entertainment area? Does it get the morning or evening sun? If it’s an extremely sunny area you’ll want to avoid using reflective or very light coloured pavers or concrete as they can create a lot of glare! For darker, more shaded areas, lighter surfaces or the use of white pebbles make the area seem much brighter and warmer.

In larger areas, go for a more expansive look with big pavers, a large table and chairs and less plants. Sculptural or large potted plants look good in a big space. In smaller areas, choose smaller pavers in simple colour schemes to avoid clutter. An option for regular evening entertaining is heated Designer Concrete. Cables can be laid under the concrete to heat it – or even under outdoor tables or bench tops for warm alfresco dining.


Landscape to escape

If privacy and seclusion are what you have in mind, or if your outdoor living space is small, here are a few ideas to create your own backyard sanctuary.

Use our Keystone retaining walls to define areas and create smaller ‘rooms’ within your outdoor living space. You can link these rooms using paths of pavers or stepping stones through areas of garden.

Raised gardens can help create smaller, more intimate spaces, as will planting the area with plenty of lush, hanging foliage. You can create a sunken area using retaining walls or even walls of Designer Concrete. Then create safe, attractive steps in the area using textured pavers or a combination of pavers and pebbles.

In a small garden, it pays to keep your colour scheme simple. It helps to choose pavers, retaining walls or concrete in just one or two colours. If your backyard oasis includes a pool or spa, it’s a good idea to use textured pavers or exposed aggregate Designer Concrete around wet areas to prevent slipping.


Landscape to play

If you’ve got children, your biggest priority may be designing a safe, fun play area that will grow with them. If your kids are young, create a smaller ‘playroom’ where you can see them from the kitchen window – preferably covered, so they can still go outside on rainy days. Designer Concrete creates a strong, hardwearing surface for kids to play on all year round. In high traffic areas such as pathways or driveways (especially on the shady side of the house) you’ll need a durable, non-slip surface such as textured pavers or pavers laid in a grid-like pattern. Are kids going to be running around barefoot? If so, choose a flat, smoother style of paver or Designer Concrete, or a soft grass and make sure there’s plenty of space. Designer Concrete mixed with small pebbles or shells creates a ‘rounded’ texture without any sharp edges for kids to walk on.


Whatever you decide, Firth can assist with a complete range of pavers that will help you create the outdoor space you want.

Firth’s Paving Planner will help you see for yourself what a size, style and or colour looks like.

Also check out the new Firth Designer Series of pavers which offer a high-end honed, square edged tile look in modern colours and with interchangeable sizing.

And you can do it yourself. Firth’s How to lay pavers video will show you exactly how you can prepare and lay pavers step by step for a professional job.

For more information on Firth’s range of products go to www.firth.co.nz or phone 0800 FIRTH1 or email info@firth.co.nz.


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