First impressions count

First impressions count
February 10, 2016

Your home can say a lot about you – your unique sense of style, how you live, what’s important to you. And the entrance to your home is often the first place that people experience what is uniquely you. So choosing your entry door, and entrance space, is worth careful consideration.

The options available for entry doors these days are almost limitless. However, there are a number of factors that you can consider to make this process easier and ensure you get the perfect entry door for your home.

Firstly, think about the practical things – how, and how often the door is used. Is it the main way that people enter the house? A more robust solution could be needed if it’s used several times a day. Would it help if the door was a bit wider than standard so you can bring in the shopping, or the kids, or all your Amazon deliveries with ease? Which side does the door need to open from? Can you reach the light switches as you step into your home; or will you need to reach round the door? If so, consider hinging it on the other side.


Where is the door positioned? Is it sheltered from the elements, or does it take the full impact of wind, rain and sunshine? The material you choose will have an impact here. A solid wooden door will look great in a traditional house, however to minimise warping and maintenance-related issues, consider an aluminium door with a woodgrain finish in a more exposed location.

Adding sidelight windows around your front door can lighten an entrance way, and provide extra visibility. If privacy is important these can be frosted making it harder to see into the house from the outside.


Choosing the visual appearance of your door can be the fun part of the process. And the colour, finish, style and size choices are endless. Is your home contemporary or traditional? Do you want your door to stand out, or blend in? A bright red, high-gloss glass finished entry door may be a stand out feature, perfect for a modern architectural designed home, but is it the right look for your traditional Victorian villa? You can make a statement with bold colour, or match your door to your roof or joinery, or even the garage door.

Don’t forget about the hardware. There are a wide range of handle and locking systems available. Multi point locking provides added security; while advanced digital locking systems allow keyless entry to your home, and a wealth of other security benefits.

Whether you’re an expert, or just starting out on your building or renovating project, it’s always good to have an expert on hand to help. Talking to an experienced Fairview window and door manufacturer can really help you to find the perfect entry door solution to suit your lifestyle and budget. They can inspire you with ideas and insights that could really fire your imagination.

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