Game, Set and Match

Game, Set and Match
August 21, 2013

Did you ever take a snapshot of that amazing decor in the local restaurant near your friend’s place but had no idea what paint it is or even what colour it is? Or have you seen a great instagram picture that you’d love to extract the colour palette from? If this has happened to you or if you’ve seen any other brilliant colour ideas in your travels, with the new Resene ColourMatch app, you can match your chosen colour to a Resene colour, and also take it a step further, and search to find other similar colours, complementary colours or more.

Simply type or copy in the URL of the image you wish to match or upload your image from your computer. Then click on the part of the image you’d like matched and the Resene ColourMatch programme will quickly find you a suggested Resene colour match.

It’s a very quick and handy way to identify Resene colours close to your image or swatch.

This new Resene ColourMatch service can be used free on the Resene website, no download necessary. See to try it out for yourself.






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