Genesis Energy Trade Connections – dedicated to supporting the trade industry

Genesis Energy Trade Connections – dedicated to supporting the trade industry
June 24, 2014

Genesis Energy has been offering a specialist service to help Builders, Electricians and Gas Fitters with their new connection needs for a number of years, says Stuart MacRae from Genesis Energy. This service was renamed Trade Connections mid-2013, but retained the emphasis on providing a unique service dedicated to supporting the trade industry.

IMG_0313 (2) web“Our aim is to provide a specialist nationwide service that takes the hassle out of arranging new electrical and gas connections, meaning our trade customers can spend more time on the job and less time arranging their connections,” explains Stuart.

Genesis Energy’s Trade Connections also provides competitive trade rates specifically for the industry, “To keep the cost of our new connections down Genesis Energy Trade Connections offers special trade rates which are just 35 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity and 30 cents per kilowatt hour for gas. In addition to the low rates we do not charge any daily line fees which can really save money over the duration of a build,” says Stuart.

As well as competitive prices, Genesis Energy’s Trade Connections supports the construction industry through associations with many large group building companies and organisations such as Future-Proof Building. “You’ll often find me at the Genesis Energy Trade Connections stand at trade events throughout the country. These events are a good opportunity to catch up with Builders, Electricians and Gas Fitters who have a few questions about making connections, or that have ideas about what we can do to make the process easier for them.”

New connections can be made through Genesis Energy’s Trade Connections call centre. Alternatively you can email or fax your requests, or set them up in your own time online through the Genesis Energy Trade Connections website. Genesis Energy Trade Connections also offers an online calculator to help tradespeople work out what savings they could potentially make by using the Trade Connections service.

As well as offering specialist services to the trade industry, Genesis Energy has a number of services that benefits its customers. “We have been rolling out Advanced Meters to our residential and business customers since 2009, with many parts of the country now online,” says Stuart. “These Advanced Meters are certainly a leap forward. They mean that our customers will now be getting billed for what they use, instead of relying on estimates, they also mean there is no longer a need to send out meter readers and we can now look at new pricing plans.”

Genesis Energy customers that have Advanced Meters and are registered for My Account will also be able to access their personal or business usage information online or on their smart device using MyMeter. “With MyMeter our customers have a graphic display of their current energy usage and can set up to three separate energy alerts. This will then let them know how they are tracking against a preselected or chosen target, letting them adjust their energy usage during the month to help conserve energy.”

As a dual fuel energy supplier, Genesis Energy has the advantage of being able to offer its customers both electricity and gas. “Having electricity paired up with natural gas or LPG can have some really great benefits,” says Stuart “With natural gas, or LPG you can instantly heat your home and your water more efficiently and they’re more environmentally friendly than some other energy sources.”

Genesis Energy has a number of promotions available to customers that are interested in using both gas and electricity. Switch both your gas or LPG and electricity to a fixed term plan and receive a discount of at least $300 on standard Genesis Energy residential pricing in the first year.

Visit to find out more about these great offers, or for more information about Trade Connections or Tomorrow Street.

For assistance with your new electricity or gas connections call 0800 155 010 to get in touch with a Trade Connections specialist or log onto to find out more.



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