Hettich ArciTech drawers are perfect for DIY Projects!

Hettich ArciTech drawers are perfect for DIY Projects!
April 11, 2016

The Hettich ArciTech drawer isn’t only fantastic in the kitchen; it works beautifully in your living room furniture too. Fraser Gillies from Lines Design used the Hettich ArciTech drawer when he built this stunning entertainment unit for his own home. He built it himself using 18mm brown wood ply and purchased the suitable ArciTech drawers and installed them himself.


What influenced your decision to choose ArciTech drawers?

We had been planning a storage installation in our living room for some time so when we saw the drawer system at last year’s Design Experience Seminar in Auckland we were delighted to investigate the ArciTech system. We needed drawers that could handle a lot of weight and be fully extended out for easy access.

What did you need to achieve?

The drawers would be going into an existing recess and each bay that they were going into was a different size. I gave the measurements to your team and they came back with the specific drawer sides and lengths that I needed. I used a 10mm negative gap around the top and fronts to give a slightly floated look which also made it easier to fit the units to the painted bays.

How easy was the ArciTech system to install?

After studying the instructions in depth and playing around with the mechanisms, which were all new to me, I cautiously started cutting all of the components and fitting them to the ArciTech hardware. I was very impressed with the ease of the click, snap and screw on assembly and the very clever adjustment mechanism for the drawer fronts, which gave me a perfect end result.

The final verdict?

The soft close on the ArciTech drawer is a beautiful action, even on the big loaded up bins, it still closes gently and quietly. The adjustment mechanism is a work of art, and the snap and click type of assembly works so well. I will be using and specifying this system again as it was a pleasure to discover and use it myself.

For more information on the Hettich ArciTech system click here.





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