High Wall, Floor Console, Ducted? What heat pump is right for me?

High Wall, Floor Console, Ducted? What heat pump is right for me?
April 18, 2017

Autumn is upon us, and with longer nights and colder days, it’s important to ensure that you are investing in a heat pump that will provide comfort not only through the colder months, but year round.

Choosing the right sized heat pump is vital to ensure this year round comfort. At Mitsubishi Electric we understand that every home is as individual as its owner, and as a result we have developed an extensive range of heat pumps to suit your needs. We have developed a handy sizing tool to give you an indication of what type and size of heat pumps could be suitable in your home. It is then also only a click away for you to arrange a free in-home assessment with one of our qualified installers to confirm the best solution for your home.

For those searching for the most energy efficient solution, look out for the blue Energy Star® mark. We clearly identify all of our Energy Star® models in our brochures and on our website – allowing consumers the ability to easily distinguish which models have been awarded the Energy Star® mark. This also extends to the recommended heat pumps provided by our heat pump selector tool.

With 34 Energy Star® awarded heat pumps to choose from, there’s a perfect solution for you.


24 Energy Star® Awarded High Wall Heat Pumps

From our line-up of 24 Energy Star® awarded High Wall Heat Pumps, 6 are available in a range of colours and 3 are offered with HyperCore® Technology, guaranteeing maximum heat output right down to -15°C .

4 Energy Star® Awarded Floor Console Heat Pumps 


We have 4 Energy Star® awarded Floor Console options that are recessable for an even slimmer profile, one of which also features a HyperCore® Technology upgrade.

6 Energy Star® Awarded Ducted Heat Pump Systems 

We have 6 total home ducted solutions proudly wearing the Energy Star® mark. Hidden from view with only subtle grilles visible, these Ducted Heat Pump systems are a perfect total home comfort solution.

A total of 34 Energy Star® Awarded Heat Pump Systems

All in all, there are 34 Energy Star® awarded models in our line up, ranging from 2.5kW right up to 13.5kW – meaning there is a style and capacity to suit every need.

Mitsubishi Electric is able to present such an extensive range of heat pumps that all qualify for the Energy Star® award due to our commitment to quality.

Quality you can rely on

  • All units line tested
  • Performance tested
  • 800 hour heat stress test
  • 2000 hour endurance test


This emblem is your assurance of the very best in technology and quality, representing Mitsubishi Electric’s continuous efforts in making our heat pumps the industry standard.

Every Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump is a product of thorough research, relentless testing, and a resolute determination to improve upon vital performance characteristics.

As a result, our heat pumps have set the standard in superior energy efficiency, are more durable, less costly to operate, quieter, easier to install and maintain, and better able to distribute air evenly throughout any type of interior.

This commitment to quality enables our products to create remarkably pleasant environments that will ultimately make the life of consumers more comfortable in the most energy efficient way possible.

Try our sizing tool yourself to find the ideal solution for your home.

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High Wall, Floor Console, Ducted? What heat pump is right for me?

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