Home Automation – Welcome to the Future

Home Automation – Welcome to the Future
February 29, 2016

When thinking about home automation, people tend to imagine having a house full of micro managed appliances and electrical devices. Now whilst home automation certainly has the capability to do just that, the reality of the average homes requirements are limited to lighting control, temperature control, blind control and audio control.

With Legrand’s MyHome Automation system, the choice is yours. You can choose just how much, or little, automation you have connecting you in your home.


A MyHome Automation setup allows you to set ‘scenarios’ which you program with a specific purpose in mind and are activated by a single press of a switch. For example, a ‘bed time scenario’ could turn off all the lights in the house, shut the blinds and turn off any audio you have playing. Similarly a ‘wake up scenario’ could turn on the lights in your bedroom, the hallway and the kitchen, along with turning on the heat pump and opening the blinds. The MyHome Automation system can also be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience.

Being energy conscious is a great way to keep your costs down and get the most out of your electrical appliances. With a MyHome Automation system you can view your daily power consumption which will help you to identify what is costing you the most to run. You can also set timers to turn lights on and off at set times for added convenience and energy saving.

There are endless options and functions to choose from when planning your homes automation requirements, so check out http://www.rethinkelectrical.co.nz/new-technologies/myhome-automation/ to find out more.

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