How a Beam™ Built-In Vacuum System Improves Air Quality

How a Beam™ Built-In Vacuum System Improves Air Quality
August 9, 2017

BEAM’s premier built-in vacuum systems are designed to remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from living areas, ensuring cleaner, healthier homes.

Recent trends see New Zealand homes being built to achieve airtightness. While this does improve the energy-efficiency of homes, it also means less air circulation and a decline in air quality inside the home.

“The quality of the air inside the home can be worse than people think,” says Mike Wiggins, CEO of Beam New Zealand. Cooking fumes, aerosols, animal dander and dust mites can all be present in the air that occupants breathe. “There is dust circulating all the time and it is being breathed in,” explains Wiggins. “That is not good if people living there suffer from things such as Asthma or allergies.”

While standard vacuum cleaners do capture larger dirt and dust particles, the smallest particles can pass through the system and be reintroduced into the air. The Beam by Electrolux built-in vacuum System is designed to solve this problem by removing dirt, dust and allergens away from living areas, ensuring clean, healthy air for the occupants.

The Beam built-in vacuum comprises of tubing that can be retro fitted to the home or installed into the walls when building. This is connected to a powerful central vacuum, usually installed in the garage. When homeowners connect the lightweight hose into a wall inlet valve, they are able to vacuum the living space with all dust and dirt being transferred to the sealed container on the vacuum unit.

The system features powerful suction up to five times stronger than standard vacuum systems to effectively remove dust, dirt and allergens from the home environment. The actual Beam unit is super quiet and because it is located outside of living area, there is none of the noise you have with traditional portable vacuums.

Key to improving the air quality of homes is the vacuum’s Gore-Tex, HEPA standard, self-cleaning filter. “It stops more than 98% of dust leaving the system,” explains Wiggins. “So what comes out is pure air.” The effectiveness of the system in reducing Asthma and allergy symptoms is backed up by clinically proven independent testing and is further recognised by the Asthma Foundation of NZ as the only approved Central Vacuum system and has awarded Beam NZ with its ‘Sensitive Choice’ recommendation.

This year Beam built-in vacuum systems are celebrating 60 years worldwide and 30 years in New Zealand. They have been installed in over 25,000 Homes in New Zealand, successfully improving air quality and quality of living for the occupants.

Check out Beam built in vacuum systems at or phone 0800 10 25 26 for a dealer close to you.

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