How to Prep Your Home for Painting

How to Prep Your Home for Painting
July 23, 2013

Is your home ready for painting?

If you are like most people,  you might be getting  slightly anxious about selecting the “right” paint colour, one that reflects your personal style and suits your space.  It’s not an easy choice to make, as there are literally thousands of colours available, from many different retailers, and many different influencing factors behind your final decision.  Get it wrong and you may end up looking at your mistakes for many years to come.  So, after working through all the paint colour options using online images and swatches or working with your colour consultant, you have finally decided on your favourite paint colours.

Now it’s time to paint!

464005I Time pressure is often starting to bite now especially if you’ve already had delays in the building process, (show me someone who’s not had building delays).  Typically takes about one week for your painter to complete the preparatory work and sealer coats, only then can they start applying the top coats.  And after all this time you could still discover that the chosen paint colour, that looked so great on a paint swatch and on the photos, looks quite different on your lounge room wall and its just far too dull, bright or overbearing or it’s just not you.

Over the years Auckland Master Painters PBF have worked with many clients who have had entire rooms or even the whole house painted only to discover that the chosen colour does not reflect their inner style.Interior painting remmuera with fire2

Painting rooms or even entire areas in the wrong paint colour can be very frustrating for homeowners, it can delay completion of the project and if the painter does not appreciate the value of the paint colour selection process they too can be left frustrated.  A number of reasons including the orientation of the room to the sun, time of day and even weather conditions the only real way to assess paint colour is try before you buy.

Selecting a Master Painter who really understands the importance of colour and colour selection is vital. Previously house painters have had little involvement with the selection of colours but I believe this is starting to change. Alongside paint suppliers such as Resene, the team at Auckland Master Painters PBF also appreciate the importance of colour selection,  which is why they have developed the colour trial process.

Interior painting loungePBF are the first Auckland Master Painter to have committed themselves to developing a unique process called “colour trialing” to facilitate the colour selection process for homeowners.  Auckland Master Painters PBF paint colour directly onto  “trial walls” at the early stages of the project, so that the home owner can start to assess the colours early on, this reduces delays and allows some time for the homeowner to see how the colour works and feels in their space.  Auckland Master Painters PBF can to assist you by repainting walls, again and again if necessary, to find the colour that looks and feels right to you.

You can achieve colour success in a few easy steps:

  1. Select your preferred paint colours from a colour chart or with the help of a recommended colour consultant. Try to do this at least a week before your painters are due to start.
  2. Choose a painter who will is able to facilitate the colour trial process and understands the importance of colour to you.
  3. Have your Auckland Master Painter paint one or two whole walls with your favourite colours.
  4. Look over the room at several times of the day
  5. If necessary ask your Auckland Master Painter to try again with another colour.
  6. When you have settled on the colour check again when the 2nd coats have been applied. It is still possible to change the colour at this point its still much better that being stuck with the wrong colour.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Auckland Master Painters PBF by completing a contact form or by calling Auckland Master Painters PBF direct on 09 522 6616.


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