Keep your place cooler with a Resene CoolColour

Keep your place cooler with a Resene CoolColour
October 10, 2016

When you look around your neighbourhood, chances are there are more and more homes finished in dark roof colours or dark wall colours and stains.  Even more so, if you live near the beach where black wood stains, such as Resene Pitch Black, have been a popular choice over recent years.

While dark coatings can look very smart used on an exterior, they also tend to soak in the heat of the sun, which puts stress on the coating and the surface.  White reflects the most heat, so one way to avoid heat build-up is to opt for a lighter colour.  For many projects that’s an easy option, for others white or light coatings, just don’t achieve the right look for the home.

If you have your heart set on a dark colour outside, you can help to reduce the amount of heat the colour will soak in.  Resene CoolColours are designed with special pigment technology that reflects more heat than a standard colour.  A Resene CoolColour looks like normal but doesn’t get as hot as the traditional ‘non-cool’ colour does.

In hot summer conditions a Resene CoolColour can help keep the coating, substrate and surface cooler, which can help to minimise heat transference inside. And the reduced stress on the coating and substrate also helps them last longer compared to a standard version of the same colour.

Resene CoolColour technology performs optimally on dark colours that are the most prone to heat build-up, which makes it ideally suited for dark roofing and wall colours.

Resene CoolColour technology is available in a range of paints and stains including Resene Lumbersider waterborne low sheen, Resene Sonyx 101 waterborne semi-gloss, Resene Hi-Glo waterborne gloss, Resene Summit Roof waterborne satin, Resene Enamacryl waterborne gloss enamel, Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel, Resene SpaceCote Flat waterborne enamel, Resene X-200 weathertight membrane, Resene Walk-on, Resene AquaShield mineral effect, Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path, Resene Woodsman Decking Stain and Resene Waterborne Woodsman wood stain.

For more information on Resene CoolColour technology and how you can keep your project cooler see your Resene ColorShop,

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