Landlords: Are you aware of the mandatory insulation requirements for rental properties?

Landlords: Are you aware of the mandatory insulation requirements for rental properties?
August 9, 2017

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The new Residential Tenancies Act requires all rental properties to meet minimum insulation requirements, before 1 July 2019.  Over 350,000 properties still need to be assessed, so if you leave it much longer you could be in for a long wait for an assessment and any resulting work.

A warmer home is healthier for tenants.  It’s important to be aware of how a home will perform in the colder months and Insulation is a good sign that a rental property will be warmer, drier and easier to heat.

Tenancy Services are recommending getting your assessment and insulation install done as soon as possible. This view is supported by the Insulation Installers Association of New Zealand who are concerned landlords will be penalised if the industry can’t deliver last minute volumes. Tenancy Services advertising also points out ‘there’s a new team of government investigators about and penalties if you don’t have this stuff sorted’, so you will want to be prepared for the installation requirements as these take effect.

Contact PinkFit® if you need your property assessed.

Book online and one of our national network of  PinkFit® insulation installers will get in touch. They will check your property’s insulation and can tell you whether your property meets the new standards. If your property isn’t up to code PinkFit® will provide you a free quote and install your insulation before the deadline hits.



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