Limestone baths have the wow factor

Limestone baths have the wow factor
October 8, 2014

Quarry rockNot only stylish, but also incredibly versatile, QUARRYCAST® baths really have the “wow” factor.

The stylish, high-quality bathtubs from Victoria + Albert are one hand-finished piece.

Made from Volcanic Limestone™ mineral mixed with resin they are a stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic.

This raw material has special needle-like particles formed by the rock undergoing superheating. When mixed with resins these bond together to create an incredibly strong web. Naturally harder than acrylic, they won’t creak or flex and are stain resistant. With a 25-year guarantee, these designer tubs are naturally white, with a gloss finish.

Drillable for unique brassware installation, they can be personalised after purchase.

Experience the range in this video, and view baths on the Robertson website.

bath 1  Bath 3 Bath 4 Bath 2

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