Live the Way You Want To with Our New Insulated Series of Garage Doors

Live the Way You Want To with Our New Insulated Series of Garage Doors
May 23, 2013

As New Zealand starts living up to its name as the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, B&D Doors has unveiled their ‘Winter Collection’ of Insulated Garage Doors through our nationwide Dominator & Garador Dealer networks.

So while we can’t do much about the weather outside, we can make your garage space a lot more comfortable inside – to use the way you want to.

To create our Insulated Series of garage doors we’ve taken what we know works here in New Zealand, our Insulation96most popular, dependable roll-formed steel sectional doors and robust heavy duty hardware then added a premium insulator from a leading brand to produce a range of insulated garage doors you can rely on. Same great styles, same great colour range!

Silver-grey in colour, this unique insulating product is Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) infused with graphite to further absorb infra-red energy and reflect heat providing around 20% better insulating performance than standard EPS. A remarkable product matched to a premium brand with a history you can trust – click here to find out more.

Why EPS?

A large moving door has many stress points and will inevitably flex throughout its operation, it also fluctuates greatly in surface temperature over short time intervals so the insulation must be extremeInsulated Series Picsly durable to maintain its thermal & acoustic effectiveness – that’s where EPS outperforms the rest. Proven the world over to stand the test of time in demanding situations, it will not turn brittle or absorb any relevant amount of moisture (even when submerged) and yet it is still recyclable should you ever wish to change your garage door.

The corflute backing that houses our precision-cut insulation is a carbon-grey finish that adds a distinguished look to the internal face of the door. Low maintenance yet replaceable is a key feature of our design. The corflute also acts as a form of thermal break with the small amount of exposed steel on the inside face of the door having a minimal effect on the internal temperature of the garage.

At the same time our insulated doors become excellent barriers to noise pollution. The acoustic qualities of our Insulated Series provide the perfect shield against noise entering and/or exiting your garage – great for busy roads or budding musicians!

All this is fancy stuff but the bottom line is our new Insulated Series garage doors will help regulate the temperature and noise in your garage so you can use it the way you want to.

Yet another reason to talk to your nearest Dominator or Garador Dealer today about a door & opener package that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

BnD Insulated Series

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