Making a Grand Entrance

Making a Grand Entrance
December 12, 2016

Your front door is the first thing people see at your home, but it’s often the last thing we think about when we’re building, renovating, or redecorating. So our friends at Yale have created Yale Grand Entrances: tips and inspiration from the experts to help you create a Grand Entrance of your very own.

They have partnered with some amazing designers and architects to create several short but informative videos. In addition they’re also giving away a $5,000 design and styling makeover for your home’s entryway, including an interior stylist consultation, products, the option of a brand new entrance door, and of course a Yale digital lock as the finishing touch!

If you are considering purchasing a digital lock as part of your own Grand Entrance, don’t forget to check out their handy videos. Nick will take you through the features of the Yale Digital Deadbolt and 3109 to see which lock is right for you.

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