Methven’s ground-breaking Aurajet™ technology delivers showering perfection

Methven’s ground-breaking Aurajet™ technology delivers showering perfection
March 11, 2015

Methven – New Zealand’s designer and manufacturer of showers and tapware for over 125 years – has developed a pioneering technology called Aurajet™, with a breath-taking new design that defies convention.  Its breakthrough spray technology is designed to deliver superior spray coverage, more force, better nerve stimulation and ultimately, the world’s most luxurious showering experience.

“We are so proud to announce the launch of Aurajet™.  Our engineers designed the new halo-shaped showerhead so that hidden nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely-angled surfaces, creating a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets,” says Methven Group CEO, David Banfield.  “Consumer and customer reaction during testing around the world has been phenomenal,” he says.

“With each hidden surface set at a different angle, we have been able to produce a wide, even shower spray with no gaps and enhanced droplet density.  This is precision engineering genius,” he says.

Aurajet™ delivers up to 20% more total spray force1 and double the water coverage on the skin than conventional showers – yet uses as little water as nine litres per minute, continuing Methven’s commitment to savings on water and energy bills for consumers without compromising the shower experience.

Mr Banfield says that Methven has integrated its ground-breaking Aurajet™ technology into a new shower collection, Aio. Incorporating high-end aesthetics and materials, Aio uses intriguing contours and a modern minimalist composition throughout the range. A range of beautiful Aio taps, made from lead-free Eco Brass®, will complement the new Aurajet™ shower range.

“We continue to set industry standards for New Zealand, and are the first to use Eco Brass® in our tapware range here. This revolutionary, high-quality, high-strength material is lead and heavy metal free, preserving water quality for both consumption and bathing,” says Mr. Banfield.

Thousands of hours of research into consumer preferences has provided inspiration for the Aurajet™ design, and Methven is taking that focus one step further by providing a beautiful choice of face plate colours to match every bathroom. “We have aligned with Pantone, the worldwide leading experts in colour, to present limited-edition colour variants for the Aio shower range each year,” says Mr. Banfield.  “The colours options will be updated each year to ensure we’re at the forefront of leading design trends, but the classic chrome and white versions will remain a constant, offering enduring designs that will never date,” he says.

120% more than a Methven Conventional shower

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