Modern new door chimes and mini alarm system from Simx

Modern new door chimes and mini alarm system from Simx
November 13, 2015

Décor Chimes freestanding unit 

Stylish portable Décor Chimes from Simx

The latest addition to the Simx range of door chimes is a very stylish, portable, tabletop door entry chime. These modern units can be installed using the stand provided and can be situated in any location, anywhere in the home.

This handy, battery operated, portable unit does not require a dedicated wall space or power to operate. Put it whereever you want and free up your wall space for furniture or paintings.

It will alert you to visitors, either from one of 36 selectable melodies or, especially for the hearing impaired, from the strobing LED. Or you can select both melody and strobe together, adjusting the volume to three different levels. With a free-air transmitting distance of up to 80m, this door entry chime is perfect for New Zealand houses and apartments.

The Décor Chime is available in either Black/Silver or White/Silver finish.

For more information on the Simx range of door chimes click here.
or contact us at or on 09 259 1660.


Siren Alert

The new Siren Alert – your choice of mini alarm or chime

The new battery operated, versatile Siren Alert from Simx can be used as either a mini alarm system, when secuirty is required, or as a Chime – you choose.

The Siren Alert activates from the PIR movement sensor. Simple to install and set up – which saves time and money – this unit has two separate modes.

For shop or warehouse use, set it to Chime mode and it will sound ‘dingdong’ every time the sensor detects movement.

But that’s not all – this product is an excellent security solution for no-go areas where you live and work. For security, safety or danger zones, just set it to ‘siren’ mode, then enter your four digit password. Once movement is detected the siren will blast out at 85dB if the password is not re-keyed.

A great solution to provide a loud security presence … for tool shed, the gun locker, or the cookie jar!

For more information on Siren Alert contact us at or on 09 259 1660.


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