Never-ending Hot Water

Never-ending Hot Water
August 22, 2013

Continuous flow hot water systems mean no more cold showers. They can provide hot water when it is needed, and there is no need to wastefully store hot water in storage cylinders. So hot water virtually never runs out and there are no bills for heating water that is not needed.

Gas hot water cylinders are especially popular in households that already have existing gas connections for other appliances, and with a quick phone call to your local gasfitter, you can find out if natural gas is available in your area.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a street that enables your energy supplier to deliver natural gas to your door savings can be made of 72% on your running costs when compared to an electric hot water cylinder. And if you’re not, LPG is a great alternative and can still save you up to 41% on your running costs.

Rinnai, experts in water and home heating, offer a wide range of models to ensure all variety of water usage requirements can be catered for, from a family bursting with teenagers, to a bach used on summer weekends. Your family will never run out of hot water again. And the best bit, you don’t pay to store hot water, and you don’t pay to keep the water in a tank hot, making it easy on your pocket, and easy on the planet.

You can make the ‘hot water cupboard’ a thing of the past – giving you more storage space in your home for all your precious possessions! The Rinnai Infinity ® EF gas hot water heater can be installed inside or outside, depending on the layout of your home.

With models suitable for piped natural gas areas and areas where bottled LPG is conveniently delivered to your door, the Rinnai Infinity ® EF gas hot water heater ignites electronically and heats the incoming water to your desired temperature.

You’re in total control too, by adding a digital controller that lets you set the temperature of your hot water quickly and easily reducing the risk of burns. The Bathroom Deluxe controllers have a useful set and forget bathfill function and just like the compact controllers they prevent temperature fluctuations, so you can rest assured the entire family are safe and warm.

This also provides more freedom in the choice of water efficient tapware, with innovative technology that delivers lower flows while maintaining the same performance and efficiency levels typically delivered at high water flow rates. The Rinnai Infinity® gas hot water range comprises three dynamic products – the Rinnai Infinity® VT gas water heater, with valve technology that delivers daily efficiency for busy everyday lives. The Rinnai Infinity® HD gas water heater offers heavy duty water heating for large homes with high demand and commercial installations, while the Rinnai Infinity® EF gas water heater focuses on the utmost efficiency, using condensing technology to deliver further savings to you and your household.

For more information about Rinnai Infinity® gas hot water, visit or phone 0800 RINNAI (746 624).



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