NEW – Hot Water Cylinder Could Reduce NZ’s Water Heating Costs by up to 15%

NEW – Hot Water Cylinder Could Reduce NZ’s Water Heating Costs by up to 15%
July 8, 2015

A new power saving hot water cylinder could help reduce the peak time loads on New Zealand’s national grid and save the country millions of dollars annually.

The new Rinnai Smart Cylinder range from local manufacturer Rinnai works by learning household hot water usage patterns and reducing its cylinder temperature when demand is low. This new technology could address the concerns of many Kiwi households and their rising power bills.

A recent independent survey of over 1,000 Kiwis commissioned by Rinnai found four in 10 (41%) of New Zealanders are often surprised at how high their electricity bill is.

The managing director for Rinnai NZ Ray Ferner, says this new power-saving technology has been integrated into the company’s new Rinnai Smart range of electric water heating cylinders and could save households 10-15% of their hot water heating costs*.

Smart Hot Water Cylinder from Rinnai

Ferner says as well as individual households, there are huge gains to be made for the entire nation and energy efficient smart technology such as this has already become commonplace in Europe as a means of saving power.

Electric hot water heating is the largest proportion of domestic electricity consumption, he says. “Our research has revealed many New Zealanders are already worried about the cost of power, and coming into winter, power becomes even more of an issue for most households.” The average Kiwi household consumes 8,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year at a cost of over $2,000 p.a per dwelling, 30% of this on average, is spent on hot water heating. If this technology in the Rinnai Smart Cylinder, unique to Rinnai was applied across New Zealand’s 1.7 million homes, very significant energy savings would be made for the nation.

Ferner says standard electric hot water cylinders are inherently inefficient — the water is continuously heated to a preset temperature regardless of whether consumers spend most of their day away from home and that the Rinnai Smart Cylinder is a sensible and effective way to significantly improve efficiency and save on heating costs.

For more information on the Rinnai Smart Cylinder visit

*Savings are influenced by a number of factors including cylinder size, hot water use profile and plumbing system design. Savings of 10-15% have been observed in field trials in New Zealand and Europe when compared to a standard electric hot water cylinder.

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