New width for Pink® Batts® wall Insulation

New width for Pink® Batts® wall Insulation
February 15, 2017

If you’ve ever questioned why Pink® Batts® wall insulation is 580mm wide requiring awkward and time consuming trimming to fit standard 600 centers, you’re not alone.

Old building practices meant that 580mm insulation was the right choice to account for variations in frame spacing.  Pre-nail framing is more accurate, so providing 580mm insulation is no longer necessary and the extra width means installers are continually required to trim 10-15mm strips off their insulation. Not only is this time consuming but it creates more waste.

It’s an issue we’ve been aware of for a while and that we’ve been working hard on rectifying, so we are very happy to be able to let our customers know that new 560mm Pink® Batts® wall insulation is in production and rolling out now.

A reduction in waste

  • Reducing the width of the segments means less product used and less off cuts put onto landfill minimise the waste and the impact on the environment and continuing the Tasman Insulation commitment to sustainability.

Improving the effectiveness of insulation

  • Poor installation – like folds, tucking in and gaps – reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. Reducing the need to trim for width means that installers can achieve a better installation so the insulation achieves its R-value.
  • A better installation will increase the homes energy efficiency and energy savings over the life of the building.

Updated Pink® Batts® products

Look out for new 560mm Pink® Batts® wall insulation at your local building merchant.

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