Pink® Batts® Insulation – check you’re getting the genuine product

Pink® Batts® Insulation – check you’re getting the genuine product
February 24, 2012

Unlabelled pink coloured glass wool insulation manufactured in China was recently discovered in an Auckland new house and a Pink® Batts® label apparently cut from a genuine package of the New Zealand-made product was found on site.

The General Manager of Tasman Insulation, New Zealand manufacturer of the Pink® Batts® range, Mr Tony Te Au, said today that the installed product was manufactured in China.

“Action was taken against the importer of the product installed in the house and as a result the remaining product awaiting distribution has been surrendered for destruction.”

Mr Te Au said merchants and builders needed to take care that when seeking to stock or install Pink® Batts® insulation they confirmed it as the genuine quality New Zealand-made product that will meet required R-value and carries an independently tested BRANZ appraisal.

“Our plants have AS/NZS ISO 9001.2008 certification and are also independently audited as part of compliance with our Environmental Choice licence.”

He said the key to consumer acceptance of Pink® Batts® products as New Zealand consumers’ favourite brand of insulation was its reputation for quality and performance built up over 50 years and backed by excellent customer and service support.

“We want to acknowledge the excellent work of the people in the building industry who discovered the overseas product. Any person who has doubts about the genuineness of product purporting to be Pink® Batts® insulation should contact us immediately on our 0800 number.”

The Chief Executive of the Building Industry Federation, Bruce Kohn, said this case appeared to be a further example of an imported building products seeking market penetration while avoiding customary New Zealand quality assurance programmes.

“Vigilance is called for by all in the industry supply chain. Care should be taken that labelling and associated packaging information material is in line with customary placement and wording.”

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