Planning your homes electrical

Planning your homes electrical
May 9, 2016

When building or renovating there are many different things you need to consider. It is easy to overlook the electrical requirements for a home but there is a lot of new technology and innovation available to increase your convenience and comfort in your home.

Top of the list for innovation are USB powerpoints. These are regular powerpoints but with a USB charger mechanism slotted into the extra hole slot (similar to where you might have a waste disposal switch). These USB chargers allow you to free up the sockets for other appliances but at the same time being able to charge up to 2 tablets at maximum speed thanks to the 2.4A per USB socket.


Your lighting requirements are another area to think seriously about. LED lighting is becoming more and more popular but not all LED lighting is made equal. There are various things to consider such as the light colour (warm white/ cool white), lumen output (brightness), wattage, dimming capabilities and more. Click here to check out our lighting guide and learn more about the different types of lighting.


Automation systems and home audio solutions can create a very comfortable and convenient environment in your home. One touch scenarios allow you to turn off all the lights when you are leaving the house or going to bed, wireless audio streaming to every room keeps the music with you wherever you go in the house and smartphone/ tablet control means you can take control from any location.

Wolveridge_BLGW_035-HR MyHome Kit with Touch Screen

For a more comprehensive look at the electrical solutions you should be thinking about when building or renovating, visit to see room by room guides that will help you plan your dream home.


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