Praise poured on Marley’s Stratus Design Series

Praise poured on Marley’s Stratus Design Series
July 28, 2014

Found yourself amazed at just how hard it has rained in recent weeks? When replacing your spouting you need a system that can cope with that deluge without it pouring over and pounding your garden, deck or entrance way.

MARLEY_MARAETAI DRIVE_0027 Retouched webEast Aucklander Anne Moors lives opposite Maraetai Beach so she chose Marley Stratus Design Series’® Typhoon® spouting when renovating, because it is designed to cope with the elements.

“I thought the titanium colour from the Stratus Design Series would go really well, and it has proven to fit perfectly with the colours of the house,” she says. “We like the internal brackets, you don’t see them and it gives the spouting clean lines and it is easy to look after.”

It was installed by SMS Plumbing owner, Shay Spyve. He and a colleague completed the two-storey home in less than six hours. Having run a plumbing company in a coastal area for many years, Shay has noticed homeowners are leaning more toward weather-resistant products.

“Copper is becoming a less desirable product due to the corrosion factor,” he says. “The Marley Stratus Design Series fulfills its mandatory need – it is plastic, durable and the colour suited the house. Its high flow volume means it is able to catch and retain the water without it spilling over the edge.”

Anne’s home needed a durable spouting and downpipe system that could withstand the coast’s harsh weather, whilst blending into the overall aesthetic. The Marley Stratus Design Series delivers this and with its 15-year guarantee, ensures it’s a look that will last.

The Typhoon spouting and 80mm downpipe comes in titanium or copper hybrid-metallic finishes. For more information watch the full interview:

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